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Storyderm Timemachine Calming line combines anti-stress, anti-inflammatory line of products for irritated, damaged & sensitive skin. Excellent for would healing and red skin.

Harmonizing Kbeauty set contains:

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Timemachine Clean – Water micellar type cleanser with anti-inflammatory benefits increases skin’s resistance to environmental factors. It soothes irritation & has an anti-redness effect.

Timemachine Aqua – Soothing toner strengthens vascular walls & reduces swelling & redness. It repairs the skin barrier & help control hot flushes.

Timemachine Calming Mask – Refreshing gel single use sheet mask nourishes the skin & strengthens the capillaries. It forms a protective barrier while boosting hydration.

Timemachine Hyal 1000 – Premium gel with 100% Aloe Vera intensively moisturizes, regenerates & soothes skin inflammation. Sodium Hyaluronate 10% instantly hydrates, repairing the skin barrier.

Shape Memory Repair – Pudding-like heavy cream effectively restores & revitalized the skin with a unique technology. Improving overall complexion, strengthening skin barrier.




Timemachine Clean: Put an appropriate amount on cosmetic cotton, and gently clean eye and mouth area. After that, cleanse one more time for the whole face by lathering in your hands.

Timemachine Aqua: Put an appropriate amount on cotton pad. Gently wipe through the direction of skin texture.
For dry skin, absorb a sufficient amount for 2-3 times.

Timemachine Hyal: After toner, apply an appropriate amount(2ml) mainly for dry and damaged area through the skin texture. Softly tapping them to be absorbed. (It can be used after various procedures because of quick and great soothing effect, and also can use for damage from the sun as emergency.)

Shape Memory Repair: Take an appropriate amount and spread evenly over the entire face for proper absorption.

Timemachine Calming Mask: 1. Open package and position on the face after cleansing & toning the skin.
2. Remove mask after 20 minutes and massage any remaining serum into skin.


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