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Storyderm Princess shine line is a detoxifying and regenerative anti-ageing system, and is appropriate for use on dry, ageing, lax & sensitized skin. Featuring our famous Snail cream for self healing benefits. This gift set strengthens skin’s barrier, restores youthful skin and offer anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant benefits.

Luxurious Kbeauty set contains:

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Princess Shine Clean – Oil to foam nourishing cleanser with plant oils for relieving dry, rough skin. It reduces inflammation, removes all traces of makeup & dirt while evening out blotches.

Princess Shine Aqua – Revitalizing, balancing toner for barrier strengthening & anti-inflammatory benefits. It contains Hydrolysed Collagen forming healthy skin barrier & prevents moisture loss.

Princess Shine Mask – Creamy single use sheet mask for cell activation effects & skin recovery with Shea Butter. It softens rough texture & helps reduce signs of ageing.

Princess Shine Ampoule – Milky nourishing serum for skin softening & skin elasticity restoration. It is wound healing, reduces redness & reduces wrinkle depth.

Osmocell Snail Cream – Rich in snail mucin for wound healing & naturally regenerating benefits. Technology enhanced molecules transports the active ingredients to the dermis increasing their effectiveness.




Princess Shine Clean: Apply an appropriate amount(3ml) to your face for dissolve makeup through gentle massage, then massage with small amount water until it turns bubble and rinse with warm water.

Princess Shine Aqua: Put an appropriate amount on cosmetic cotton. Gently sponge through the direction of skin texture. In the case of dry skin, allow the skin to absorb a sufficient amount for 2-3 times.

Princess Shine Ampoule: After toner, apply 2~3 drops mainly for dry and damaged area. Softly tapping them to be absorbed.

Osmocell Snail Cream: Take an appropriate amount and spread evenly over the entire face for proper absorption.

Princess Shine Mask: 1. Open package and position on the face after cleansing & toning the skin.
2. Remove mask after 20 minutes and massage any remaining serum into skin.


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