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Storyderm Ultra lift line combines our anti-ageing line of products for skin tightening, lifting and nourishing. It is appropriate for use on ageing, lax, or wrinkled skin and can be used for prevention of ageing.

Anti-ageing Kbeauty set contains:

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Ultra Essence Clean – Nourishing pink liquid soap cleanser with coconut oil with a rich & soft texture. It suppresses melanin, brightening & evening out the skin by gently exfoliating with Allantoin.

Ultra Essence Aqua – 25% Hyaluronic acid skin plumping toner with Peptides for inhibiting facial muscle contraction, reducing the onset on fine lines & wrinkles.

Ultra Peptide Mask – Creamy single use sheet mask with Peptides for promoting collagen & elastin synthesis. It relieves dry skin, softens fine lines & wrinkles while regenerating skin cells.

Pure Origin Cell Ampoule – Peptide rich serum regenerates the skin, reducing wrinkle depth & tightening the skin. Sodium Hyaluronate firms & hydrates the skin cells.

Ultra A-Z Cream – Multi-balm cream with Growth Factors & Ceramide delay cellular ageing. It nourishes, softens & hydrates the skin.




Ultra Essence Clean: Apply an appropriate amount(3ml) to the hand. Mix with water and lather it up. Massage the face softly and wash with warm water.

Ultra Essence Aqua: Put an appropriate amount on cosmetic cotton allow the skin to absorb a sufficient amount, repeat for 2-3 times.

Pure Origin Cell Ampoule: After using the toner, apply 2 or 3 drops of the liquid ampoule onto the face, and spread and massage along the wrinkled areas until absorbed.

Ultra A-Z Cream: Take an appropriate amount and spread evenly over the entire face.

Ultra Peptide Mask: 1. Open package and position on the face after cleansing & toning the skin.
2. Remove mask after 20 minutes and massage any remaining serum into skin.


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